Originally determined to be a veterinarian, Julie Kitzes developed a neurological condition while in college that resulted in multiple brain surgeries, and made the physical demands of veterinary work nearly impossible. The combination of having studied veterinary medicine, as well as living with a rare neurological condition has informed Julie’s interest in illustrating nature and science.

Julie aims to inspire and educate others about the captivating world around us: whether adorable kittens or the anatomy of a parasite that might live within the kittens. She utilizes vibrant colors and a blend of realism and stylization to capture a detailed and accurate depiction of a subject while utilizing creative license and artistic sensibility. Though her specialty is working in colored pencil, watercolor, and ink, she’s also well versed in digital and other mediums.

Julie has worked with a variety of clients on diverse projects including (but not limited to): logo and brand development, print publication layout, editorial illustration, children's literature illustration, poster design, conceptual illustration, and tattoos.

When she’s not creating art, Julie enjoys exploring the landscape of Colorado with her husband Peter; collecting flowers, gems, feathers, bones, and remnants for her curio of scientific reference and inspiration. She actively volunteers for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in their zoology laboratory where she dissects and preserves
specimens for environmental research studies and the museum's collections. Julie graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in December 2017.

Download a copy of Julie's CV here: Julie Kitzes CV
Companies Julie has worked with:
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