Custom Pet Portraits
Pet portraits are a wonderful way to immortalize your best buddy artistically. Many people use them to cope with loss and memorialize a pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge, while others just enjoy having unique personalized original artwork of their cherished companion. They also make for lovely one-of-a-kind gifts, and can showcase any species of pet.
I work with clients to bring their unique vision to life and capture the essence of their pet's personality while being mindful of the aesthetics of one's home decor. I'm always happy to incorporate favorite toys, locations, or other symbolic elements.
The Process
Starting with at least one good quality photo of the pet(s) and a little bit of background information, we discuss your vision and solidify the details. I believe in making art accessible to everyone, and can work in a variety of sizes and materials to fit just about any budget. Once we figure out a plan, I'll send you a rough sketch to make sure you're happy with the direction of the artwork and give a chance for any adjustments to the piece.
Process of creating "Blue" - 8" x 10" colored pencil and acrylic on bristol board
Once your piece is completed, the original is packed with care and shipped to you. If you have multiple individuals or family members who would like a copy of the original, I offer the option of additional reproductions which can be printed on a variety of materials.
To get started on your own custom pet portrait or if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me at
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