"Shit I Learned in Therapy...But With Cats: A Layperson's Guide to Mental Health" is a book in the works, written and illustrated by me, Julie Kitzes.
Having struggled with mental illness myself over the last few years and having engaged in lots of therapies and research, I want to create a resource of all the various techniques and bits of wisdom that I have learned. This is an illustrated book for adults that goes over a lot of different therapy concepts ranging from emotional regulation techniques to the importance of healthy boundaries. It’s illustrated with cat subjects in a variety of styles including my own ginger tabby as the recurring character because cats are awesome. It’s by no means a substitute for professional counseling if someone is in crisis - as a disclaimer states - but can be a helpful guide for just about any person who ever struggles with depression and anxiety. This book covers heavy topics, but is approached in a simple and easy to understand way with humor and art to engage the reader and be accessible to people who may struggle with the motivation and concentration to read a text-heavy self-help book. Through this book I hope to help raise awareness about the importance of mental health and help break down some of the barriers to care and stigma associated with it.
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